Should I Choose Rolled or Fan-Fold Thermal Labels?

Date Posted:1 March 2021 

Should I Choose Rolled or Fan-Fold Thermal Labels? main image Should I Choose Rolled or Fan-Fold Thermal Labels? image

When it comes to printing thermal labels you’ll be asked to make the choice between rolled or fan-fold style labels. So what’s the difference – and which option will best suit your needs? Many label printers can print either style, so the choice will often be yours to make. Let’s take a closer look at both.


Fan-fold thermal labels

Fan-fold labels are manufactured to feed through the printer in a zigzag pattern, as the labels are stacked flat on top of each other. Whether you need pre printed thermal labels or are printing them yourself, fan-fold options tend to stack, store and transport well in bulk because they form a boxy shape. A typical fan-fold stack might include more labels than a roll equivalent and therefore minimise reloads for your team. Fan-fold labels also don’t run the risk of curling up, as some poor-quality rolled options can.

On the other hand, fan-fold labels can at times have the issue of sticking together either due to static, glue seepage or manufacturing issues. These issues can typically be avoided by choosing quality labels from a reputable manufacturer such as Thermal Labels, and by not stacking labels under heavy weight. This will minimise the chance of glue seeping under pressure and adhering labels together.  


Thermal label rolls

Thermal label rolls are manufactured to wrap around a cardboard core and feed through the printer continuously. This means that seeping glue and static aren’t so much of an issue as with fan-fold labels. Rolled labels are also suited for label applicators if this is something you plan to use. Depending on your specific label printer, you may be able to add an external mount that allows you to load larger rolls and therefore keep reloads to a minimum.

While thermal label sticker rolls are easy to handle and print, they can be a little bulkier to store and transport due to their cylindrical shape. Both label types can cause issues if the label stock is crumpled or damaged as this won’t feed effectively into the machine.


So what’s your choice?

Your choice between the thermal label roll and fan-fold option will come down to your workflow, storage, transport and preferences. But if you’re still feeling stuck, we’d be happy to help guide you in the best direction. Thermal Labels manufactures thermal label sticker rolls and fan-fold options right here in Australia and can have your labels sent out and ready to go rapidly.

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