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Thermal printing and labelling solutions are quickly becoming an important part of logistics and transportation for businesses. At Thermal Labels, we offer industrial and desktop label printers, printing software and barcode verification services that can be tailored to clients across a range of industries.


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Barcode Verification

Barcode verification is a quality check that assesses the legibility of the barcode and its compliance with industry standards. As barcode printers transfer ink onto labels using heat, the quality and readability of barcodes can vary. Barcode verification ensures that the  labels are accurate and can be easily scanned during transportation and sale. Our barcode verification services check the barcode’s dimensions, contrast, resolution and alignment.


Software Solutions

Specialised printing software saves your business time and money when printing your labels. Thermal Labels offers two main software solutions for printing thermal labels, depending on which type of computer and operating system your business uses. BarTender suits Windows computers only, while the Peninsula software is compatible with both Apple Mac OS and Windows operating systems.


Custom Labels

Custom label manufacturing is a speciality of Thermal Labels. We are able to produce a wide variety of labels that have been customised in terms of size, material, adhesive and shape. If our website does not contain the labels you are after, contact us and we will be able to manufacture custom labels for you.


Why choose Thermal Labels?

Thermal Labels is an Australian owned and operated organisation. Our range of thermal printers, custom label manufacturing operations and barcode verification services are all of the highest quality and subject to strict testing. Our convenient Sydney location means your order will be dispatched quickly, making us a top choice for those on tight deadlines. For a printing company dedicated to reliability and quality, choose Thermal Labels for all your label printing needs.


Thermal printing solutions tailored to your industry

Thermal Labels offers a wide range of thermal printing solutions for whichever industry your business is a part of.


Food and beverage

The food and beverage industry relies on thermal labels to monitor stock and product life. Labels are required to clearly show expiration dates and batch numbers, ensuring business owners comply with all relevant health regulations.



Thermal labels are used in healthcare to assist with patient identification and labelling of medication. Healthcare institutions can also make use of barcodes to categorise various files.



Transport and logistics operators use thermal printing solutions to sort and track their shipments effectively. The labels are used to produce barcodes that can assist with automated sorting and real-time location tracking for efficient deliveries.



In the construction industry, thermal labels can be attached to tools, machinery and building materials. This helps construction companies track their assets, mitigate theft and ensure that the correct tools are used for the job.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do thermal printers work without ink?

Thermal printers do not use ink or toner. Instead, they apply heat to a special type of material that darkens when the heat is applied, or use a heated ribbon to print the label. This printing process means thermal printers are easy to operate and maintain, having fewer components to maintain than a printer that uses ink.


What are the two types of thermal printing?

Thermal printers are split into two categories – direct thermal and thermal transfer. Direct thermal printers use a heat sensitive material that blackens when exposed to heat, while thermal transfer printers incorporate a heated ribbon.


How do I verify a barcode?

Barcode verification is completed using a purpose-built verification system that measures the parameters of the barcode to ensure compliance with relevant standards.


What is the difference between barcode verification and validation?

While barcode verification is completed using specialist equipment to measure compliance with industry standards, barcode validation can be achieved using a variety of barcode scanners to check how legible the barcode is.


Is it cheaper to make your own product labels?

Printing your own labels can be a more cost effective method for small batches of labels. It may still represent better value to have a professional printer produce large label runs. If you are unsure of the right thermal printing solution for your business, reach out to Thermal Labels for advice.


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