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Asset labels can be used to identify a range of physical items, such as equipment, furniture, technology, tools, machines and racks. Each asset label features a different serial number, QR code or barcode that corresponds to the asset it is attached to, allowing for items to be easily tracked and identified. Utilising high-quality asset labels is particularly critical for businesses to ensure the security of items that are frequently moved between different locations.


Asset barcode labels are often used to create an asset register to record all of the fixed assets within a company. This allows you to not only manage your organisation’s physical capital, but also make informed decisions that concern the use, maintenance, disposal and replacement of your assets. Asset labels also play an important role in preventing the loss and theft of assets, ensuring that important items are secured with tamper-evident asset tag labels.


Asset labels have a wide range of purposes and are often used in:

  • Schools, universities and other educational institutions
  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • Supermarkets and stores
  • Gyms
  • Mining sites
  • Warehouses
  • Offices


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About Custom Asset Labels

We supply ready-to-use custom asset labels that are practical for both indoor and outdoor use. By using weather resistant materials with excellent adhesion, our custom labels possess long-lasting durability that you can rely on when tracking and protecting your valuable assets.


Design your custom asset label stickers, choose the size, colour and shape, and select from one of our high-quality materials. Get started on implementing a convenient, fast tracking solution today with our durable asset labels.


If you have any questions about the design of your asset label, including recommended materials for specific uses, get in touch with our friendly team.


Custom Options

Asset tag labels can be customised with a variety of information depending on your needs. Here are some customisation options for asset label stickers:

  • Adding your company logo or colour scheme
  • Tailoring the size and shape to the item the label will be attached to
  • Selecting the material that suits the use of the item the label will be attached to 
  • Creating asset barcode labels for easy product tracking
  • Including serial numbers or a sequential numbering system for categorisation


Delivery & Returns

Orders for custom and pre-printed asset labels should arrive 2-4 working days after the purchase date, depending on the quantity ordered and the complexity of the order.


Thermal Labels does offer a policy for returning your goods in exchange for credit. You must fill out a form and send the products back in their original packaging. A restocking fee may apply. For more information, see the returns policy page on our website.


Custom & Pre-Printed Asset Labels: Frequently Asked Questions

Are asset labels necessary?

Asset labels are an important part of maintaining stock and equipment in your business. Assigning each item an asset label allows you to log any maintenance, shipping or purchases made against each individual item, giving your business greater efficiency and capability with its stock.


What is the format for asset labelling?

Asset labelling is generally divided into two formats, serialised numbers and sequential numbers. Serialised numbering systems are generally used for components with serial numbers from their production. Sequential numbering is used elsewhere, sometimes with a categorising letter to distinguish parts from different departments.


What are the risks of not labelling assets?

Without asset labels, it becomes difficult to identify which parts have been serviced, shipped or purchased. Custom asset labels reduce the likelihood of forgetting to maintain a particular piece of equipment, or losing a product before it is delivered to the customer.


What material is used for asset labels?

Asset labels can be printed on a range of materials, depending on the type of product the label will be attached to. These materials include aluminium, polycarbonate, direct thermal paper and thermal transfer ribbon.


What are the different types of asset labels?

Asset labels can fall under several categories, including:

  • QR asset labels, where details are accessed by scanning the label with a smartphone camera
  • Barcode asset labels, which use a barcode to denote individual items
  • RFID asset labels, where a microchip stores data about the asset
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) asset labels, where data is stored in a beacon and collected using an asset tracking system


What information should be on an asset label?

Any of the following information that applies to your product should be included on the asset label:

  • Product codes
  • Identification numbers
  • Serial numbers
  • Location data
  • Department the part belongs to
  • Maintenance data
  • Purchase data