Full Resin Ribbon

Our Range of Full Resin Ribbons are Recommended for Heavy Duty Applications

There are several types of thermal transfer ribbons that are used in thermal transfer printing. Though each option possesses its own benefits, only one is recommended for heavy duty applications.


Wax ribbons

Wax ribbons are designed for general-purpose printing on paper materials. The high level of wax means that these ribbons have a lower melting point so a lower heat setting can be used on the printer. This lower setting makes higher print speeds possible.

Wax ribbons offer good resistance to abrasion on paper and are often used for retails tags and labels. However, they are not designed to be used in harsh and corrosive environments. 


Wax-resin ribbons

Wax-resin ribbons can be used to produce labels with a longer lifespan than those created with just wax ribbons. They are ideal for use with top-coated and glossy paper materials, as well as some matte synthetic stock.

The images created using wax-resin ribbons are more durable than wax and less likely to be scratched, scuffed or rubbed away. This is why they’re best suited for environments with moderate exposure to chemicals and abrasion such as shelf and bin labelling, but can still be used for high-speed printing applications.


Full resin ribbons

Full resin ribbons are utilised for delivering labels with sharp, clear print that can be used in highly demanding situations requiring mechanical and solvent resistance. They are suited for use with most synthetic materials and some matte or high-gloss paper.

To produce long lasting and strong labels, full resin ribbons chemically bond with and dissolve into the material on which they’re printed. This creates a tight adhesion that allows labels to be used across automotive, textile, medical, chemical, packaging and other industries that require high damage resistance.

Full resin ribbons allow you to create labels that will have a long life outdoors, in corrosive environments, and can withstand moisture and high levels of abrasion. 


Key Features and Benefits

Our full resin ribbons have a number of advantages designed to suit your specific needs:

  • Excellent resistance to harsh environments – Full resin ribbons are the most heavy-duty thermal ribbon option that Thermal Labels offers. They have a robust durability when it comes to scratches, scuffs, chemicals and extreme temperatures, and are designed to create labels that last a long time.
  • A high-quality print – This printing option can allow you to create labels with a superb print quality, even if small fonts, dense barcodes or high-resolution graphics are required.
  • Wide range of applications – Our range of full resin ribbons can be used for label printing across pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, automotive and other industries with labels exposed to adverse conditions.

Ribbon Types | Sizes and Dimensions That We Offer:

At Thermal Labels, we have a number of high-quality full resin thermal transfer ribbons of different dimensions to suit your specific needs:


All of our full resin ribbons are stored on the premises of our Sydney warehouse so that we can dispatch orders without any delay.

If you have any questions, call us at 1800 88 88 11 to chat directly to a friendly member of the Thermal Labels team.


109mm x 74m Full Resin Ribbon (K504)


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55mm x 300m Full Resin Ribbon (K504)


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80mm x 300m Full Resin Ribbon (K504)


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110mm x 300m Full Resin Ribbon (K504)