Wax and Resin Thermal Ribbon to Keep Your Printer Rolling

If you’re printing thermal transfer labels, then you’ll need a dependable supplier for thermal ribbon. We’re based in Australia and we know what urgent really means – so if you find yourself short of thermal ribbon we can have a delivery heading your way in no time at all. We provide a selection of thermal transfer ribbon types, including wax and wax/resin thermal transfer ribbon for Zebra printers, Toshiba, Sato and others. Rather than shopping for thermal transfer ribbon by price, aim to shop for quality: your label printer and your bank account will thank you over time. 


Choosing Between Thermal Transfer Ribbon: Wax vs Resin

Wax, wax/resin and resin ribbons each offer different benefits. Wax thermal ribbons are economical and ideal for general purpose applications, but as they’re the softest option they can smudge and scratch in certain conditions. Resin is the most heavy duty thermal ribbon option, with robust resistance to scratches, scuffs and chemicals. For many people the optimal choice will be a wax/resin combination, which can print on a variety of surfaces including synthetics and glossy label stock. We’re here for any questions about Zebra thermal transfer ribbon, thermal transfer ribbon colours, white thermal transfer ribbon and other products.


SKU: PPM300040BO
40mm x 300m Wax/Resin Ribbon


SKU: PPM300055BO
55mm x 300m Wax/Resin Ribbon


57mm x 74m Wax/Resin (CSO), 2Pack


SKU: B110A-50300-OUT
300m x 50mm Wax/Resin Ricoh Ribbon


SKU: B110A-60300-OUT
300m x 60mm Wax/Resin Ricoh Ribbon


SKU: PPM300080BO
80mm x 300m Wax/Resin Ribbon


109mm x 69m Wax Ribbon (CSO), 2Pack


74 x 110 Wax/Resin Ribbon, 2Pack


SKU: PPM300110BO
110mm x 300m Wax/Resin Ribbon


74m x 109mm Full Resin Ribbon


SKU: B110A-104300-OUT
300m x 104mm Wax/Resin Ricoh Ribbon


SKU: B110A-110300-OUT
300m x 110mm Wax/Resin Ricoh Ribbon


SKU: PSP300055BO
300m x 55mm Full Resin Ribbon


SKU: PSP300080BO
300m x 80mm Full Resin Ribbon


SKU: PSP300110BO
300m x 110mm Full Resin Ribbon