Wax and Resin Thermal Ribbon to Keep Your Printer Rolling

Choosing the right thermal transfer ribbon for the job is essential for ensuring a strong, durable bond to synthetic labels in testing environments. Thermal ribbons of a lower quality can cause label failure, damaged printheads and an overall decrease in productivity and income.

When you are considering what type of material to use in producing your thermal transfer labels, it’s important to think about the environment they will be exposed to and how long lasting they need to be.

If you have a heavy-duty printing need or require a higher level of resistance to scratches and harsh chemical exposure, our full resin ribbons will help to provide that crisp print quality you’re looking for while delivering on longevity even in difficult conditions.


SKU: PPM300040BO
40mm x 300m Wax/Resin Ribbon


SKU: PPM300055BO
55mm x 300m Wax/Resin Ribbon


SKU: B110A-50300-OUT
300m x 50mm Wax/Resin Ricoh Ribbon


57mm x 74m Wax/Resin (CSO), 2Pack


SKU: B110A-60300-OUT
300m x 60mm Wax/Resin Ricoh Ribbon


109mm x 69m Wax Ribbon (CSO), 2Pack


SKU: PPM300080BO
80mm x 300m Wax/Resin Ribbon


SKU: B110A-80300-OUT
300m x 80mm Wax/Resin Ricoh Ribbon


74 x 110 Wax/Resin Ribbon, 2Pack


74m x 109mm Full Resin Ribbon


SKU: B110A-104300-OUT
300m x 104mm Wax/Resin Ricoh Ribbon


SKU: PPM300110BO
110mm x 300m Wax/Resin Ribbon


SKU: B110A-110300-OUT
300m x 110mm Wax/Resin Ricoh Ribbon


SKU: PSP300055BO
300m x 55mm Full Resin Ribbon


SKU: PSP300080BO
300m x 80mm Full Resin Ribbon


SKU: PSP300110BO
300m x 110mm Full Resin Ribbon