Ensure Accuracy & Compliance with Barcode Verification


How Poor Quality Barcodes Are Costing Your Business

Poor quality barcodes harm the effectiveness of businesses and strain the relationship with manufacturers, shippers and suppliers.

An illegible barcode harms the efficiency of the business by slowing store checkouts, halting shipments at quality control and disturbing manufacturing processes.

This inefficiency can lead to lost revenue if the vendor refuses to accept an entire consignment of goods based on faulty barcodes.

If a faulty barcode is deemed not to meet the standards of the International Standards Organisation, the printer may face hefty fines.


Why Get Your Product Barcodes Tested?

Barcode testing that is completed by a trained professional in barcode verification solutions helps your business remain efficient and reputable.


Ensure the Accuracy of Your Barcodes

Running a barcode check is an excellent way of ensuring that the barcodes are accurate and will perform efficiently when scanned.


Avoid Errors and Missed Scans

Performing barcode verification will help to isolate any errors made in creating the barcode, allowing them to be rectified before the products are distributed.


Protect Your Brand

Barcode validation protects both the products being distributed and your brand’s reputation, dramatically reducing the chance of any barcode-related conflicts with manufacturers or couriers.


Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Barcode verification services will help your business to operate without interruption from dissatisfied clients or law enforcement agencies for faulty barcodes.


Our Barcode Verification Services

Thermal Labels offers a wide range of barcode verification services that can be tailored to each individual client. Contact us to personalise your barcode verification solutions.


These solutions can be added onto purchases of our existing product labelling products and services, including the shipping of dangerous goods. See our GHS-compliant label guide for more information on transporting dangerous goods.


How Does Barcode Verification Work?

Barcode verification must be carried out using specialised equipment. Note that a phone camera or a regular barcode scanner will not work for this purpose as they are not able to tell whether the barcode is compliant with the measuring standards. GS1 notes that barcode verification services should comprise the following steps:


  1. Record receipt of the samples
  2. Record data associated to a barcode in a database 
  3. Verify the barcode
  4. Perform the additional tests on the barcode
  5. Create and send Barcode Verification Report
  6. Ensure availability of the Verification Report



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Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I verify my barcodes?

Barcodes should be verified at the request of a retailer (e.g. Woolworths). Additionally, they should be verified whenever something changes such as a packaging redesign, change in supplier etc.


How can I verify my barcodes?

The only way to correctly verify barcodes is to use specialised equipment. If you require assistance with barcode verification, contact Thermal Labels today.


What are the costs of barcode verification?

Thermal Labels’ barcode verification services start from $35 per barcode verification, which includes all recording and testing, and a Barcode Verification Report.


Who can perform barcode verification?

Barcode verification services must be carried out by an accredited GS1 alliance partner organisation. Thermal Labels has the required accreditation, which ensures our compliance with regulations on barcode verification.


How do I know if my barcodes are accurate?

Your Barcode Verification Report will score your barcode on both the ISO and ANSI scales. The ISO scale measures alphabetically from A to F, while the ANSI scale measures numerically from 4.0 to 1.0. Your report will break down what these scores mean and whether your barcode is accurate.


What are the most common errors in barcodes?

Errors in barcodes are common, ranging from poor contrast and printing errors to incorrect data prompts between the barcode and the item.


How can I fix a defective barcode?

A defective barcode must be reprinted.


How can I prevent barcode errors?

Barcode verification services will help prevent barcode errors by identifying any inaccuracies before the products are distributed. Following barcoding guidelines and partnering with a GS1-accredited organisation such as Thermal Labels are extra steps you can take to minimise barcode inaccuracies. 


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