Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Fast & Affordable Labelling

Wax thermal transfer ribbons are cost-effective and suitable for general purpose label printing on coated and uncoated paper label stock. To get more life out of your printer’s printhead, choose our quality wax ribbon at a suitable width and use it in conjunction with our Australian-made top coated labels. Inferior or cheap ribbons and labels can wear your printhead much faster. If you’re looking for Toshiba, Sato, Datamax or Zebra wax thermal transfer ribbon, then our Sydney team can have the right products sent your way quickly.


How to Choose the Right Wax Thermal Ribbon

When you click on any of our ribbon products you’ll be able to see compatible printer models and ranges. Be sure to select a ribbon width that’s wider than your label stock to ensure the printhead won’t wear unnecessarily. You can also calculate how many labels you’ll be able to print with a specific wax thermal ribbon, by dividing the ribbon length by the label height and any gap between labels. If you need assistance, our Australian-based team is easy to contact.


109mm x 69m Wax Ribbon (CSO), 2Pack (K101)


SKU: PGP300110BO
110mm x 300m Wax Ribbon (K101)