Wax Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Durable Labels

Get crisp, clear barcodes and a durable result for your labels with our resin and wax/resin thermal transfer ribbon products. A combination wax/resin ribbon is an ideal option for most applications and will provide long lasting results on most paper, synthetic and glossy label stock. If you need something truly heavy duty then ask us about full resin thermal transfer ribbon, which chemically bonds to synthetic label stock. All our labels are suitable for use on Zebra and Toshiba printers. Thermal Labels is based in Sydney, so your order will arrive in a matter of days to keep you printing.


What Size and Length of Thermal Ribbon Will I Need?

When buying your thermal transfer ribbon in resin or wax/resin, choose a width that’s at least as wide as the label stock you’re printing on including backing allowance. To calculate how many labels you’ll get out of a ribbon, simply add your label height to the gap between labels (if applicable), and divide the ribbon length by this number. You can see printer model compatibility on the page of each wax/resin thermal transfer ribbon product, too. Check out our wax resin ribbon prices below.


SKU: PPM300040BO
40mm x 300m Wax/Resin Ribbon


SKU: PPM300055BO
55mm x 300m Wax/Resin Ribbon


SKU: B110A-50300-OUT
300m x 50mm Wax/Resin Ricoh Ribbon


57mm x 74m Wax/Resin (CSO), 2Pack


SKU: B110A-60300-OUT
300m x 60mm Wax/Resin Ricoh Ribbon


SKU: PPM300080BO
80mm x 300m Wax/Resin Ribbon


SKU: B110A-80300-OUT
300m x 80mm Wax/Resin Ricoh Ribbon


74 x 110 Wax/Resin Ribbon, 2Pack


SKU: B110A-104300-OUT
300m x 104mm Wax/Resin Ricoh Ribbon


SKU: PPM300110BO
110mm x 300m Wax/Resin Ribbon


SKU: B110A-110300-OUT
300m x 110mm Wax/Resin Ricoh Ribbon