Is a Label Printer Worth the Investment?

Date Posted:1 May 2021 

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Are you thinking about investing in a desktop or industrial label printer, but first weighing up whether it will be worth the cost? Whether you’re scaling up your online store or already sending out thousands of orders each month, we explore the key reasons you might make the move to a professional label printing option.


You’re looking to free up time and resources

This is the number one reason to invest in a desktop or industrial label printer. Time is money, and who has the time or patience to set up individual label printing or wait for a home printer to inch through a stack of orders one at a time? Then there are cost savings to consider. Laser printers can be expensive to run when compared to a dedicated label printer, and inkjet printers are on a whole other level of running costs. In fact – inkjet ink typically costs more per millilitre than Chanel No. 5! At high print volumes you could bring down your costs per label significantly with a direct thermal option.


You’re scaling your business or orders

If your online store started with a trickle of sales but orders have been exponentially growing, you may well have reached the point where it’s worth investing in a dedicated label printer. Some sellers say they made the move to a desktop printer once they hit 50+ orders per week – and wish they’d done it sooner. Businesses sending out thousands of orders per week will certainly want to look at an industrial label printer. If you’re growing and sending orders regularly, you will almost certainly reach the point where a quality Zebra thermal transfer printer or direct thermal option could benefit your business.


You want to look more professional

Forget taped-down labels and home-printed sheets that need to be cut to size. A professional label printer allows you to print multiple types of labels with consistent and clear layouts. You can simply choose your size and adhesive to suit the label’s purpose, and send off items knowing the barcode, logo and information is consistently easy to read and scan. Depending on your business that may mean less undelivered post, less confusion in your logistics chain and fewer errors in the work process. And those benefits can be worth every cent.

If you’re looking for the best industrial label printer or desktop printer for your business needs, we recommend prioritising quality over cost. An option such as a Toshiba or Zebra thermal transfer barcode printer, together with high quality adhesive labels, can mean lower costs in the long-term. If you’d like assistance choosing the right label printer to suit your needs, get in touch with our Australian-based team today.


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