How Can You Customise Your Shipping Labels?

Date Posted:1 June 2021 

How Can You Customise Your Shipping Labels? main image How Can You Customise Your Shipping Labels? image

Your shipping labels are the first thing customers and other businesses see as they receive your products, so is it possible to improve that experience with custom printed shipping labels? Absolutely!

First it’s important to consider what your delivery carrier or courier requires for their logistics system, whether you’re regularly using Australia Post, TNT, StarTrack or a different provider. There may be requirements on shipping label size, barcode height, quiet zones and other data to work around when it comes to customisation.

Next will be working out how you want to customise your shipping labels. Here are a few of the different options:

  • Printing thermal labels on a particular colour label stock, though it’s important to consider contrast and how this can affect label scanning.
  • Ordering pre printed thermal labels with your logo included. This can add an extra sense of polish and professionalism for your B2C or B2B clients.
  • Printing a QR code on your labels that can be easily scanned for internal logistics or status updates.
  • Including a custom message from your brand or business, if space permits.

By ordering your shipping labels through a trusted supplier like Thermal Labels, you can also choose specific label sizes, shapes, stock and printing ribbon. For example: if you require heavy duty shipping labels that can withstand the elements, you might choose to print onto synthetic barcode labels using a resin ribbon so the substrate will fuse onto the label stock. This results in a very hardy and long-lasting label. We can also help you to print custom printed waterproof labels, cold temperature labels, security labels with tamper-evident cuts, clear labels and block out labels to suit your needs.

The importance of thoughtful custom label printing

As we mentioned above, some couriers and carriers will have limits and requirements when it comes to acceptable labels. This is why it’s so important to work with an experienced label supplier who can customise your labels and raise any potential issues before any print run goes through. The right support and advice could save you a great deal of money and hassle when it comes to avoiding customisation that could render your labels unusable! 

Do you have a custom style or type of shipping label in mind? The great news is that Thermal Labels manufactures and prints labels from our NSW location, so we can completely customise your labels however you need. Fill in a quote request, and we’ll be in touch shortly to discuss your requirements.

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