What's Required for TNT Shipping Labels?

Date Posted:1 November 2021 

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TNT offers an extensive logistics network that distributes millions of parcels domestically and internationally. With such a huge network, it’s vital that your TNT shipping labels or TNT express labels are clear and reliable. Once you’ve prepared your TNT shipment, the next step will be to correctly apply shipping labels with the following elements considered:


Adhesive type

TNT recommends using self-adhesive labels to print the routing labels provided with your TNT booking. Our Aussie-made TNT shipping labels use permanent adhesive for a firm hold on cartons, pallets and boxes. This helps to ensure the TNT label won’t peel, crumple or double up in transit. Warehouse and delivery staff can easily scan the barcode with a scanner to direct the parcel accurately.


Label size

TNT routing labels include a range of information that will help your parcel reach its destination quickly. As such, we recommend printing at the larger sizes commonly used by the shipping industry: either 100x150mm or 102x198mm. We manufacture both sizes for TNT shipping labels right here in Sydney. Most shipping labels are printed using either the direct thermal or thermal transfer printing method, and we can also help you to find the right desktop or industrial label printer to suit your needs.


Label positioning

The positioning of your label makes all the difference as the parcel goes from point A to point B. It’s essential that you apply your TNT express label or TNT shipping label to the top surface of the carton or box, making sure that labels don’t bend over the edge. If you’re sending a pallet, apply the label to its side so it’s fully flat and visible.


Additional tips for shipping with TNT:

  • Be sure to remove all old shipping address labels before applying the new one, to avoid confusion.
  • Apply shipping labels only after you’ve closed, taped or wrapped the parcel. Remember, even clear plastic over the label could make it difficult for scanners to read barcodes!
  • Include a backup copy of your shipping documents, or at the very least the address of the receiver, inside the box or parcel you’re sending. This provides a second label to reference on the off-chance something happens to the outside label, such as a tear to the cardboard.


We’re here to help get your shipments where they need to go, by manufacturing your high-quality TNT printable label options here in Sydney. We can produce custom labels and deliver label supplies quickly and reliably, right around the country. If you have a specific question for the team, feel free to get in touch with the team.

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