What's Required for StarTrack Shipping Labels?

Date Posted:1 October 2021 

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What do you need to know when ordering bulk StarTrack thermal label stock? Read more about what size and adhesive to look for, plus industrial label printers.

StarTrack provides an ultra-convenient and fast way to deliver parcels across Australia’s capital cities. But what do you need to know when printing labels and sending items through this courier service? Below, we cover the requirements and important factors for high quality StarTrack thermal shipping labels stock.


StarTrack label size

Almost all Australian couriers prefer a standard label size of 100x150mm, and we manufacture these labels to be fully compatible with the My StarTrack software. With this size you have the choice of using roll or fanfold labels, however if you’re printing in high volume then look to 350-label rolls or higher to minimise changeovers. The 100x150mm label size can be printed with a range of desktop and industrial label printers, including many of our Zebra, Toshiba and Brother models.


StarTrack thermal label printing methods

Your choice of printing method will largely depend on how long you need your labels to last. Direct thermal label, which are printed using thermal-reactive label stock, will generally remain scannable up to six months, are water and scratch resistant and ideal for most shipping purposes. However, if your packages might be exposed to UV light, moisture or extreme temperatures you might want to consider using the thermal transfer printing method. This option melts substrate from a wax or resin ribbon to the label stock, for a hardier finish.


StarTrack label adhesive

Our 100x150mm standard direct thermal labels have been designed with quality permanent adhesive which bonds easily to cardboard cartons and boxes, ensuring your labels will stay firmly in place as the package reaches its destination. We can also manufacture labels with cold-temperature adhesive and other specifications if you have something specific in mind for your StarTrack shipping label requirements.


Tips for successful StarTrack labelling in Australia

  • Ensure you use one clear label on each carton or box, and block out any irrelevant labelling to avoid confusion
  • Choose high-volume label rolls or fanfold options to minimise changeover time
  • Use high quality labels to avoid having to tape over the label, as even transparent tape could affect scannability or legibility
  • Consider slipping an extra shipping label inside the carton, in the unlikely case that damage occurs during transit
  • Ask us about adding pre printing your logo or a custom message on your shipping labels for an extra branding opportunity!


Thermal Labels can quickly manufacture and dispatch your StarTrack labels from our Australian base. You might also like to get started with our Zebra Address Labelling Kit, which includes everything you need to get started printing StarTrack labels.

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