The Possibilities for Custom Printed Labels in Australia

Date Posted:1 September 2020 

The Possibilities for Custom Printed Labels in Australia main image The Possibilities for Custom Printed Labels in Australia image

Without easily scannable barcode labels, the modern world would grind to a halt. We know how vital these small patches of information can be – whether you’re in the education sector, medical or pharmaceutical industry, or shipping products across the country daily. Here at Thermal Labels we produce millions of custom labels for our clients every year, as well as our regular label consumables and printing products.


Perhaps you’ve had a sudden spike in usage, have specific requirements or you have a great idea for your new product labels. We’re a Sydney-based manufacturer so we can customise, print, test and deliver your custom orders rapidly.


What are the options for custom printed labels?

We really can manufacture whatever you need. We customise the following products from our Sydney base:


So whether you need pre printed prescription labels with your vet practice’s logo on them, full colour, or permanent barcode labels for your food product line, we’re here to help.


Factors to consider and discuss

Here are some of the questions that might be relevant when we discuss your custom order:

  • Durability: Will labels need to be scannable for a matter of months or many years?
  • Application method & adhesive: Will you need removable or permanent labels, or non-adhesive tags? Will labels be applied when the surface is clean and dry, or will they be applied to damp, chilled or frozen products?
  • Application shape & size: Is the surface flat or curved, and will labels require a unique shape?
  • Environmental conditions: Will the labels be exposed to moisture, temperature fluctuations, friction, UV light (including sunlight) or chemicals?
  • System considerations: Will the labels need to comply with GS1 requirements for retail purposes, or for a specific ecommerce company or department store?
  • Security factors: Will you require your labels to have tamper-evident cuts for security purposes?

As a member of GS1 and with almost three decades of manufacturing experience, our team at Thermal Labels can guide you through the options and help you make the right choices for your custom needs.


The importance of testing

Of course, testing is vital to ensure your labels are clearly legible and scannable before you commit to larger production runs. We’re work with you to thoroughly test labels to ensure they’ll provide a 100% read rate with your scanning equipment.   


Whether you need custom shipping labels, address labels, carton labels, medical labels or asset labels, our team is here to help. Get in touch to get started on your custom thermal labels or full colour printed labels today.

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