Read this before buying a Dymo Label Printer

Date Posted:22 August 2022 

Read this before buying a Dymo Label Printer main image Read this before buying a Dymo Label Printer image

Dymo label printers are a popular choice for shipping. But if you’re using more than 6 rolls of labels a year, you’ll want to consider purchasing either a Toshiba or Zebra printer.

Short Term Savings or Long Term Savings?


It’s vitally important to consider the cost of consumables, not just the price of the printer. For example, when you purchase a label printer for shipping, it’s a one-off payment for the printer, but an ongoing cost for the consumables. You’ll often find that while some label printers are more economically priced, it’s the long-term affordability of the labels you should be considering.


Priter Costs in First Year


The graph above shows the total cost of a printer (including consumables) in the first year; this is the upfront cost. While a Dymo printer has a lower initial cost, you’ll find that if you’re using more than 2000 labels, it’s much better value to purchase a Toshiba or Zebra printer. For example, if you’re using 8000 labels in the first year (approximately 23 rolls of shipping labels), you’ll save $1,016 by purchasing a Zebra ZD220D printer instead of a Dymo printer.


If this still hasn’t convinced you, take a look at the graph below.


Label Costs Per Year

Upon purchasing a label printer, you’ll clearly need to buy the compatible shipping labels. With a Dymo printer, you can only use the proprietary Dymo consumables since the printers are designed to function with these labels only. As shown by the graph, this means you’ll continuously be paying more each year, compared to a Toshiba or Zebra printer. But the differences don’t just end there. A Toshiba or a Zebra printer will also provide a more reliable experience and accept a wider selection of label sizes and adhesives, ultimately saving you both time and money.


Even if you’re only purchasing 1000 labels per year (approximately 3 rolls), you’ll save at least $169 each year. Currently, if you’re looking to buy Dymo XL LabelWriter labels at Office Works, you’ll need to pay $62.95 per roll of 220 labels! We offer an almost identical label priced at $14.60 per roll of 350 labels.


Why are Dymo Labels More Expensive?

You might be wondering why Dymo labels are so expensive in the first place. Most likely, there are several factors contributing to the price, including the manufacturing process. Each Dymo label may include a black mark, a small hole, or even an RFID chip for ”Automatic Label Recognition”. This means that an additional process during production is required to manufacture the labels, whereas Zebra or Toshiba printers can function without this.


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