A Guide To Using Compostable Shipping Labels In Australia

Date Posted:20 October 2022 

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While it is becoming easier to source sustainable packaging, a lot of businesses neglect the fact that a vast majority of shipping labels aren’t eco-friendly due to their adhesive components.

However, in recent years there has been rising demand for compostable shipping labels as consumers voice their support for businesses that lead the way in environmentally friendly initiatives. Compostable shipping labels are a great way to showcase your commitment to sustainable packaging and earn the approval of customers, all while reducing your carbon footprint.


What are Compostable Shipping Labels?

Compostable labels can come in different shapes and sizes, but they all share one defining characteristic: they are one of the most eco-friendly options when it comes to shipping labels.


Compostable shipping labels are an organic type of label that decomposes into nutrients that can safely be returned to the earth. These types of labels are specifically designed for home and industrial composts.


When choosing to adopt compostable shipping labels, it’s important that businesses provide clear communication on their packaging to let customers know that the label is compostable. Without this, compostable packaging may accidentally end up being sent to landfill. Our compostable shipping labels are printed with a small banner at the bottom, which notifies customers that the label is fit for composting.


What Does Compostable Adhesive Mean?

Traditional adhesives can leave behind harmful residue upon disintegration. 


On the other hand, compostable thermal adhesive labels are organic and can be broken down into compost. Once disintegrated, compostable adhesives leave behind no harmful waste or other toxic residue. This means that if your customers have a home compost, they can simply tear off their shipping label (or leave it on if it’s attached to compostable packaging) and feed it to their worms. Happy worms, happy customers.


How Eco-Friendly Shipping Labels Can Help Your Business

Here are some of the most notable benefits of using compostable adhesive shipping labels and other sustainable packaging materials.


Impress customers with eco-friendly products


More and more people are taking active steps to cut down on the waste that they produce in their daily life. In fact, a McKinsey research study in 2020 found that somewhere between 60-70% of US consumers reported that they would pay more for sustainable packaging.


This isn’t particularly surprising as customers want to feel good about the purchases they make. Compostable shipping labels encourage customers to feel satisfied with both their product and your business once their purchase finally arrives at their doorstep. 


Using eco-friendly shipping labels demonstrates that your business is committed to providing customers with helpful solutions to limit their everyday waste. This is extremely valuable for attracting a loyal customer base and a positive brand image.


Reduce waste and help the planet 


Regular shipping labels will typically end up in landfill, where they contribute to unnecessary pollution. As compostable shipping labels completely break down in a short period of time, businesses are actively reducing the amount of harmful waste that they produce by switching to this eco-friendly alternative.


But the benefits don’t just end there. Compostable products hold a key advantage over other types of eco-friendly products as they don’t require energy to be disposed of, unlike recyclable products. 


Stay ahead of your competitors


As more businesses are looking for practical ways to reduce their carbon footprint and appeal to the eco-conscious customer, switching to compostable shipping labels is a cost-effective way to stay ahead of the crowd.


Compostable adhesive shipping labels can set your business apart from its competitors by demonstrating your genuine commitment to a sustainability ethos. This is particularly important for businesses with sustainability-focused branding, as it helps to curb any accusations of greenwashing.


Help your customers and the environment by making smart, eco-friendly packaging choices


Your customer’s experience ends with the delivery of their product, so it’s crucial that you consider practical ways to improve your packaging and ensure customers are left with a good impression of your business.


Investing in eco-friendly shipping labels and packaging doesn’t have to be expensive or confusing. Start reducing your business’s carbon footprint today by switching to compostable thermal labels.


If you have any further questions about eco-friendly labels, feel free to reach out to our friendly team who will be happy to talk you through the various options available.


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