Choosing the Right Labels in Plant Nurseries and Gardening Centres

Date Posted:15 March 2021 

Choosing the Right Labels in Plant Nurseries and Gardening Centres main image Choosing the Right Labels in Plant Nurseries and Gardening Centres image

Labels can be a great addition to plant markers, but finding the right labels to use in your plant nursery or garden can be tricky. We’ve made it easy for you by collating the best options that are guaranteed to fit your needs.


What are the options for nursery plant labels?

  • Synthetic Labels, any type of synthetic label we offer will be a good choice for garden labels. Due to the nature of the label stock, they’ll stay effective in various conditions with dirt, water and abrasion resistance. These labels will last a long time, and snails won’t eat them either!
  • Security Cut Labels, ever had a customer swap out a label for a more expensive item? Security cut labels solve this problem by leaving behind an intricate pattern of cuts from the label when removed.
  • Permanent Adhesive, this will ensure your labels stick and stay stuck indefinitely on your products. Unlike removable adhesive, this is a great way to help prevent labels from being removed from items.  


What about printing onto these labels?

Graphics, barcodes and text content can be printed onto synthetic labels using the thermal transfer printing process. Essentially, a ribbon is used to produce the longer-lasting images on the label; this is a much more durable option for plant applications than the Direct thermal counterpart. When using your nursery plant label printers to apply the images, we recommend using full resin ribbons since this is the most resistant option. If you are looking for a cheaper option, a Wax/Resin ribbon would be a good alternative.


Self-Printing Labels

If you often have to quickly print a batch of labels, or keep up to date with your products, you could always print them yourself. If you’re in need of a printer to apply images onto these barcoded plant labels, we recommend a thermal transfer desktop printer. These are often the most affordable and can make it easy to print and apply. If you’re looking to repair an old printer, it’s usually cheaper to purchase a new printer! Whatever the case, just contact us; sometimes it might just be a matter of replacing the printhead.


Ordering Pre-Printed Labels

This option is great for ensuring your barcodes and plant labels scan correctly. We can supply you pre-printed labels with variable data for your pot plants and garden centres; with the fastest turnaround times. This option is the best when you also want to have colours and logo designs on your labels, as these options are limited when self-printing. If you’re interested, give us a call on 1800 88 88 11, or just contact the team here.


As always, our Sydney-based manufacturing team can always provide personalised advice and custom orders with rapid delivery times. Simply get in touch if you’d like assistance with your next order.

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