A Guide to Cost Effective Product Label Printing

Date Posted:1 December 2022 

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Finding the right product label printing system is all about identifying the perfect balance between cost and quality. After all, your product labels are an investment into customer service and are essentially an embodiment of your business’s brand. Low-quality product labels can damage your customer’s perception of your brand, which may cost you more in the long run than investing in high-quality product label printing from the get go.

But that’s not to say that expensive labels are automatically good labels or that cheap is always an indicator of poor quality. Here’s everything you need to know about finding the right product labels for your label printer.


How Much Do Product Labels Cost?

There’s no perfect formula that you can use to accurately predict the price of product label printing right down to the exact cent. With so many variables impacting pricing - including the label’s material and the equipment used in its production - the price you pay for product labels will ultimately depend on each individual choice you make when managing your business’s product label printing.


The More You Order Product Labels, the More You’ll Save

In line with the economies of scale, ordering in bigger batches less frequently can be more cost-effective than ordering small amounts in shorter intervals. Simply by planning ahead, you can place a blanket order for more product labels and save money through bundle deals. In addition to receiving discount pricing, bulk ordering also removes the hassles and administrative costs of frequently placing orders for product labels.

Thermal Labels offers special deals for bulk orders, allowing you to decrease the amount of money you spend on product labels without compromising on quality. Our premium materials also mean that you can keep your labels in storage for longer periods of time without the risk of them becoming damaged from their environment. 


How To Create Product Labels That Are a Worthwhile Investment

There are dozens of small choices that determine the final result of your product label, including how much it costs. In fact, you might find out that one seemingly insignificant change could hypothetically save you thousands of dollars.

Here’s what to keep in mind before you create your next product label.


Product Label Materials

The materials you choose will invariably have a significant impact on the overall cost of your product labels. Premium finishes such as foil stamping and pattern embossing will naturally up your final costs, however you may decide that their cost is a worthy investment into your branding. That being said, there may be more economical alternatives to premium finishes out there, so it’s always best to do your research before committing to an expensive decision.

In any case, it’s important to fit the material to the purpose of your product label. If your product labels are going to be in a secure environment and will not experience rough handling, you may not require the more expensive and durable materials, such as film.

The size of the label will also determine the cost of materials as the less material you use, the less material you need to purchase. Removing blank white areas and playing around with label format can cut down the amount of materials you need to purchase.


Label Colour

The amount and number of colours used in your label also influences the pricing. While limiting colours will generally result in lower costs, this is not always a practical solution for businesses looking to balance budget with branding. Aside from printing with less colours and using the same spot colours for different labels, other proactive ways you can reduce the amount of money spent on colour include:

  • Printing in CMYK
  • Opting for standard inks rather than metallic inks
  • Using colour sparingly
Pro tip: using two contrasting colours will often achieve the same striking result as using multiple colours, while also being substantially cheaper.

How to Get the Best Product Label Printing Price

The first step to getting the best product label printing price is determining your product label goals and working backwards from there. Knowing how many labels you require over long periods of time and being able to compromise on certain expensive design elements will provide you with a strong foundation for making smart choices into your label printing budget.

But to identify the best labelling solution for your business, you need to first find the best advice. Our customer service team will be happy to help you find the right product label solution for your needs and budget. Get in touch with us today to start improving your product label printing efficiencies or get a custom labels quote.

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