3 Tips for Printing High Volume Barcode Labels

Date Posted:15 February 2021 

3 Tips for Printing High Volume Barcode Labels main image 3 Tips for Printing High Volume Barcode Labels image

Quality, design and cost are all vital factors when printing mass direct thermal or thermal transfer barcode labels. Here, we cover three key considerations.

Printing high volume barcode labels requires a different approach to printing a few labels here or there as needed. There are three important aspects to consider for bulk printing: ensuring your labels are consistently printed, maintaining your printing equipment and keeping costs down. Here’s more on the three essential factors to consider each time you plan to print thermal barcode labels en masse.


  1. Get the details right for your barcode information

The very last thing you need once you’ve begun printing mass barcode labels is to find out that the quiet zones aren’t big enough and the labels won’t scan. Setup is a really important aspect of printing high volume barcode labels, so work with the experts and enjoy peace of mind. Here at Thermal Labels our local team can help to recommend the ideal size and type of labels, and help set up your GS1 specifications so that every label scan will be a reliable one.


  1. Choose good quality label stock

Quality matters a great deal when you’re printing anything in great quantities. Rough, low quality or uneven paper stock can wear away the printhead of your industrial barcode label printer quickly and inconsistently, and therefore can significantly increase your printing costs over time. Look after your printing equipment, and it will look after you. Barcode labels should be top coated to provide a smooth and even printing surface. Here at Thermal Labels, we only manufacture and supply top coated labels because we know just how important this is.

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  1. Consider where and how your barcode labels will be used

    This is worth considering for any quantity of barcode labels, but it’s particularly important when printing bulk barcode labels so you can keep costs to a minimum. When printing in bulk, even a matter of cents can add up quickly. For example, if the majority of your printed labels may be exposed to UV light or temperature extremes, then thermal transfer barcode labels will be a solid choice. But if only a small percentage of labelled items will require this higher durability, you might choose to print in two separate batches and use the cheaper direct thermal printing method where possible. The same goes for removable vs permanent labels, as there can be a slight difference in cost.

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As Australian thermal label suppliers, we can produce standard and custom barcode labels to suit your needs. Explore our barcode label options here, or contact us to set up a customised order to your specifications.