2 Key Ways that Quality Thermal Labels Can Save You Money

Date Posted:1 December 2021 

2 Key Ways that Quality Thermal Labels Can Save You Money main image 2 Key Ways that Quality Thermal Labels Can Save You Money image

To choose cheaper thermal labels in Australia, or to spend a little more on quality? These two reasons will have you choosing quality and reliability every time.

It might seem logical to save a few cents wherever you can when ordering direct thermal or thermal transfer labels for your business, perhaps ordering from overseas or from wherever has the cheapest price. But what’s the true cost of low quality? There are two essential ways that choosing higher quality thermal labels can save you money in the long term – and once you’re aware of these reasons, inferior labels will reveal themselves to be a false economy.

1. Printing costs

A label’s a label, right? Well, not quite. Inferior quality labels will often be uncoated, which means they can have a rough and uneven surface when you look closely enough. This rough surface can wear the label printer’s printhead unevenly or prematurely when you’re mass printing labels, which means faster wear and tear on your printing equipment and greater maintenance required over the long term. Replacement printheads can cost from $120 up to $1,000 and more, so it’s fair to say you’ll only want to invest in these printer parts when absolutely required. A few cents saved on labels can look pretty paltry compared to the cost of an extra printhead or two per year. This is exactly why we only print top coated direct thermal and thermal transfer labels in Australia – we find that uncoated labels can cause more problems than they’re worth.

2. Operational reliability

The other cost that can quickly skyrocket with poor quality labels is that of product failure. Just imagine the cost – and chaos – for a business if every label in a warehouse has peeled off and fallen to the ground after 2 months of storage. The same goes for fading or rubbing during transit. There are few ways to ensure this doesn’t happen:


  • Have a conversation with your label specialist so you can be sure you’re choosing the right product for your needs
  • If there’s a choice between a product that might get the job done and one that definitely will, choose the latter every time
  • Take some time in our Helpdesk area learning about adhesives, label stock and barcoding guidelines – or simply ask our team
  • Once you find a product and provider that works well for you, stick with them.

The final point to make about quality and value is that with the right regular supplier, you won’t have to worry about whether you’re getting the best value for your label printing. Consistently high quality labelling products can mean less downtime and fewer mishaps in your printing process, and that can only be great news for your business. If you’re in need of top coated thermal transfer labels or top coated direct thermal labels in Australia, then get in touch with the Sydney-based team at Thermal Labels. We can design, manufacture and deliver your quality labels with the ultimate reliability.


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