4 Applications Where You Might Need Removable Thermal Labels

Date Posted:1 February 2021 

4 Applications Where You Might Need Removable Thermal Labels main image 4 Applications Where You Might Need Removable Thermal Labels image

Removable thermal labels have a wide range of applications – they’re suitable for any situation where temporary use of barcodes or other printed information is required. Here, we cover the options to consider if you’re ordering removable labels, as well as four of the most common uses.


What are the options for removable thermal labels?

There are two label printing options to choose from:

  • Direct thermal, where the printhead applies targeted heat to cause changes in a heat-reactive coating on the label stock. This is the printing method used for most receipts. Direct thermal labels can have a lifespan of up to 9-12 months, but can fade faster in hot, cold or damp conditions.
  • Thermal transfer, where the printhead melts substrate from a wax or resin ribbon onto the label stock. Thermal transfer labels are more durable and more often used in longer lasting applications, as well as those where there might be exposure to extreme heat, cold or moisture.


It’s also worth thinking about whether you want your labels to be:

  • Repositionable, so the label can be removed and reapplied successfully in one piece. Or,
  • Tamper-evident, with special cuts that make it evident if someone has tried to reapply the label to a different item.  


In addition, it’s important to choose the right paper stock for removable labels. Have you ever peeled off a label only to have messy adhesive left behind? Often that’s because the adhesive is too strong and the paper stock isn’t robust enough. Choosing quality labels such as our thermal label sticker rolls, custom printed roll stickers or fanfold labels will avoid this problem.


So where are removable labels most useful?


4 common applications for removable thermal labels

  • Product labelling
    Who wants the price label stuck on a gift or a new favourite item? Removable thermal labels are ideal for use in gift stores and retail stores.
  • Food labelling
    A removable direct thermal sticker is often the best option when labelling fresh produce and gourmet packaging. Customers will be able to cleanly peel away the label without any adhesive remaining.
  • Cabinetry labelling
    Cabinets or furniture need labels to be removed after purchase, which is easy with the right removable thermal labels.
  • Shopping Centre labelling

Retail stores can often have temporary mark-ups and seasonal sales on items, so you might use removable adhesive thermal transfer labels that can be peeled off items when the label is no longer needed.


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