SKU: T-40DT1C145MP

40mm x 145m Continuous Pink Crate Tag for Woolworths, 76mm core

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We provide Australian Made Direct Thermal Crate Tags for Woolworths, that are reliable and easy to use. This product meets all the specifications and requirements for you to effortlessly send your produce into Coles supermarkets.

With a Direct Thermal printer, you can easily print onto these tags without needing ribbon. Furthermore, our tags come with a barrier coating to help protect them from damage during transit.


Main Benefits:

  • Direct thermal material for economical printing (no ribbon required).
  • Confidently meet Woolworths’ requirements for produce and crate labelling.
  • Tags are continuous for variable width sizes
  • Top coating helps protect against damage during transit



  • 40mm x 145m
  • Pink Direct Thermal (No Ribbon)
  • Continuous
  • 145m in Length
  • 76mm core
  • Price is per roll


Printer Compatibility:

This product is compatible with Direct Thermal Industrial printers that can take a 76mm core and with an Outer Diameter of 185mm, including:

  • Zebra ZT410
  • Zebra ZT510
  • Zebra ZT610

Your printer must have either a cutter accessory to cut the tags, or you will need to cut them manually yourself. If you’re not sure if this tag is compatible with your printer, contact us and we’ll answer any questions you may have.


We specialise in all types of thermal labels and regularly manufacture labels and tags for major supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths. We pride ourselves on the capacity for understanding your specific needs and helping you to find the right solution every single time and within the most demanding timeframes. 

If you are not sure this label is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll respond within 24 hrs, and either point you in the right direction or simply manufacture the exact label you are looking for. 


Brand Thermal Labels
Tag Width Range 30-49mm
Outer Diameter 185mm
Colour Pink
Tag Width 40mm
Core Size 76mm
Tag Material Direct Thermal
Perforated No

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